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Dwellaholic: Designing a Resale Condo for a Repeat Client

Introduction. A good interior design firm can make your home more beautiful, functional, and comfortable. Dwellaholic is an interior design firm based in Singapore that has a lot of experience and expertise in designing resale condos with different features and requirements. Our repeat client had worked with us 10 years ago, and they were very happy with our work. They decided to hire us again when they bought a new house at Clementi Wood Condominium.

Client’s Requests. Our client had a three-bedroom condo that they wanted to customize to their lifestyle and preferences. They had some specific requests and ideas that they wanted us to execute. They wanted to have an open island kitchen, a walk-in closet, and an open office space. They also wanted to have all the spaces and colors strictly adhere to Feng Shui principles.

Design Process. Dwellaholic started by creating an open island kitchen that was always a dream for them. They knocked down the wall that separated the kitchen from the living room and built an island counter that could be used for cooking, dining, and entertaining. They also installed modern appliances and fixtures that made the kitchen more efficient and stylish.

We also created a walk-in closet by converting one of the bedrooms into a dressing room. We built custom-made cabinets and shelves that could store all their clothes and accessories. We also added some mirrors and lights to make the space bright and spacious.

We also created an open office space by converting the third bedroom into a work area. We removed the door and added some partitions to create some privacy. We also built individual workspaces for each of them, with desks, chairs, computers, and storage units. We also added some plants and artworks to make the space more lively and inspiring.

Result. The result was a stunning resale condo that met all their needs and expectations. The client was very satisfied with the outcome and loved how Dwellaholic was able to design their space with their requests and ideas in mind. They now have a beautiful home that they can enjoy working, living, and relaxing in. If you are looking for a reliable and trustworthy partner to help you design your dream home or office, you can contact Dwellaholic at +65 90488048 or [email protected]. Dwellaholic is one of the best interior designers in Singapore that can handle any project with excellence and expertise.

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