Fitting a 3000 sqft Lifestyle into a 1200 sqft Space with Dwellaholic

Do you want to live in a space that is both spacious and versatile? If you do, you probably know how important it is to have a good interior design that can accommodate your lifestyle and hobbies. In this case study, we’ll be discussing how Dwellaholic helped a client fit their 3000 sqft lifestyle into a 1200 sqft space at the Trilive Condominium.

Client’s Vision for the Space. Our client had a lot of things that they wanted to keep and use in their new space. They loved cooking and baking and had a huge pantry of spices. They also worked as a teacher and needed a proper work desk that could be kept away when not in use. They also wanted to have a guest room that could accommodate their visitors.

Challenges of Fitting a 3000 sqft Lifestyle into a 1200 sqft Space. Fitting a 3000 sqft lifestyle into a 1200 sqft space is not an easy task. It requires a lot of creativity, design, and carpentry work. It also involves choosing the right furniture, storage, and layout that can create a spacious and versatile environment.

Why Dwellaholic Was Hired. Our client decided to hire Dwellaholic, an interior design firm based in Singapore that has a lot of experience and expertise in fitting large lifestyles into small spaces.

Dwellaholic’s Approach. Dwellaholic started by creating massive storage spaces that could store all their belongings and keep their space clutter-free. They used cabinets, shelves, drawers, and baskets that could fit different types of items, such as spices, books, clothes, and accessories. They also used sliding doors and foldable mechanisms to make the storage easy and convenient to access.

They also created rooms that could be used for different functions by using multifunctional furniture and partitions. They used a flip-up bed that could be turned into a sofa or a table when not in use. They also used a foldable desk that could be hidden behind a cabinet when not in use. They also used a partition wall that could separate the living room from the guest room when needed.

Adding Personality to the Design. Dwellaholic added some pops of color and personality with some wallpapers, paintings, and plants. They used some bright and cheerful colors to make the space more lively and inviting. They also used some natural and organic elements to make the space more cozy and relaxing.

The Result. The result was a wonderful space that was spacious and versatile. The client was very happy with the outcome and loved how Dwellaholic was able to fit their 3000 sqft lifestyle into their 1200 sqft space. They now have a beautiful home that they can enjoy with their hobbies and guests. If you are looking for a reliable and trustworthy partner to help you design your dream home or office, you can contact Dwellaholic at +65 90488048 or [email protected]. Dwellaholic is one of the best interior designers in Singapore that can handle any project with excellence and expertise.

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