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Dwellaholic: Giving a Fresh Look to a 3 Storey Property

For those who love cooking and entertaining, having a good kitchen is essential. Our client had bought a 3 storey property at Corporation Road that had an open backyard. He wanted to utilize the space and turn it into a wet kitchen. A wet kitchen is a highly functional kitchen that is used for cooking full meals, which involves a lot of boiling and frying, along with the release of smoke and heat. A wet kitchen has tiled walls, a kitchen chimney, an exhaust fan, a dishwasher, natural ventilation through windows and deep sinks for cleaning dirty utensils and vegetables. The wet kitchen is enclosed with a hinged or sliding door in materials such as glass or plywood which separates it from rest of the home. This way, the wet kitchen keeps the soiled utensils and kitchen mess out of view and prevents the strong smells from spreading throughout the house.

The Project. Creating a wet kitchen requires careful planning, design, and construction work. The project also involves adding plumbing and electrical points, ventilation, and lighting systems. That’s why the client decided to hire Dwellaholic, an interior design firm based in Singapore with experience in creating wet kitchens.

The Design. Dwellaholic extended the open backyard into a wet kitchen that was connected to the main house. They also added a helper room next to the wet kitchen for the client’s domestic helper. They then designed a long feature wall with doors to the powder room and the helper room.

The feature wall was not just a wall, but also a recipe wall that the client could pin or write on. It was made of chalkboard material that could be easily erased and rewritten. It was a fun and creative way to display the client’s favorite recipes and cooking tips.

The wet kitchen was equipped with modern appliances and fixtures that made cooking and washing easier and more efficient. They also added some cabinets and shelves to store the cookware and utensils. The wet kitchen had a sleek and clean look with white tiles, black countertops, and stainless steel accents.

The Outcome. The result was a stunning wet kitchen that added value and functionality to the 3 storey property. The client was very satisfied with the outcome and loved how Dwellaholic was able to extend his open backyard into a wet kitchen within the house. He now has more space and options for cooking and entertaining.

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