Key Collection Checklist for Your New BTO or Condo


Congratulations on reaching this milestone moment in your homeownership journey—collecting the keys to your new Build-to-Order (BTO) or condominium unit. While the excitement of finally stepping into your new space is undoubtedly overwhelming, it’s crucial to approach this next phase with meticulous attention to detail.

Key collection is not merely a celebratory event but a vital opportunity to ensure that everything in your new home is up to par. From locksets and doors to walls and cabinetry, it is imperative that all aspects of the unit are thoroughly inspected for quality, safety, and functionality.

Our comprehensive Key Collection Checklist serves as an invaluable resource designed to guide you through this essential process. By diligently following this checklist, you’ll be better positioned to identify and rectify any defects or issues before they turn into costly problems down the line. Whether you’re a first-time homeowner or a seasoned property investor, this guide aims to facilitate a smooth and secure transition into your new abode.

So, let’s proceed methodically and ensure that your new home truly lives up to all your expectations. Welcome to the next exciting chapter of your life.

Locksets and Keys: The Keepers of the Kingdom

From an interior designer’s perspective, the functionality and aesthetic quality of keys and locksets cannot be underestimated. For the “Smooth Operators,” it is crucial that every turn and twist of the key operates as effortlessly as butter melting on a hot skillet. Not only does this create a seamless user experience, but it also ensures the longevity and reliability of the lockset, thereby contributing to a home’s overall sense of security and comfort. On the other end of the spectrum, if you notice a “Rust Alert”—a lockset that is deteriorating or aging more quickly than you’d expect—it’s a clear sign that replacement is due. A tarnished lockset not only compromises the integrity of your security but also detracts from the cohesive design elements that make a home aesthetically pleasing. Opt for high-quality, durable materials and finishes that stand up to time and use, serving both function and form in your living spaces.

Doors & Frames: The Welcome Wagon

When it comes to moving into a new Build-to-Order (BTO) flat or condominium, the excitement can often overshadow the need for a meticulous inspection of your new space. However, a thorough examination is essential, especially when it comes to integral components like doors and frames. Start by examining the surface for any visible imperfections such as scratches or peeled-off edging. These could be indicative of poor craftsmanship or possible damage during the construction process.

Likewise, check for the alignment and installation quality. Ill-fitted doors not only compromise aesthetics but can also lead to functional issues down the line, such as difficulties in opening or closing, or even security vulnerabilities. Engaging with these details upfront can save you time and resources in the long run, ensuring that your new home aligns perfectly with your vision of comfort and style.

Windows: Your Peek to the World

In your journey to making your new BTO or condo a home, it’s crucial to not overlook the smaller details that can greatly affect your living experience. Among these, windows play a pivotal role, serving not only as a source of natural light but also as a functional element that can influence energy efficiency and aesthetic appeal. When collecting your keys, make sure to scrutinize the stainless steel window arms for signs of rust that could impair their functionality and longevity. Test the mechanisms to ensure they open smoothly, without any hitches or unusual noises that might suggest wear and tear. Aesthetically, inspect the window frames for scratches that could mar the look of your rooms. Finally, check the glass panes meticulously for any crack lines or chips, as these could compromise not only the window’s structural integrity but also your home’s overall safety. By including these elements in your key collection checklist, you’re one step closer to a home that’s as functional as it is beautiful.

Walls: More than Just a Backdrop

In the realm of interior design, the structural integrity of the walls in a new BTO or condo unit is often a critical concern that can significantly impact the final aesthetic. While wall treatments, paint colors, and art pieces can enhance a space, it’s imperative to start with a clean, durable canvas. Therefore, before settling into your new home, make sure to closely inspect the walls. Be vigilant for any watermarks, particularly where walls border bathrooms, as these could indicate potential waterproofing failures or pipe leakages.

This is also applicable for external building walls, where water seepage can become a serious issue. Additionally, pay attention to any cracks along wall joints; these could signify structural weaknesses that might necessitate immediate repair. Attending to these issues up front not only safeguards your investment but also ensures that your décor choices will be showcased in the best possible light.

Flooring and Wall Tiles: Underfoot and Overlooked

Flooring and wall tiles are foundational elements that set the tone for the entire aesthetic and functional landscape of a new BTO or condo. Upon receiving the keys to your new home, it’s crucial to meticulously inspect these surfaces for any imperfections that could compromise their longevity and appearance. Check for any chips or cracks in the wall and floor tiles, as these could be indicative of subpar installation or material quality. Equally important is to scrutinize the grout lines; gaps between grouts can be a haven for moisture and bacteria, leading to long-term maintenance issues. If your unit features wooden flooring, pay close attention to any scratch marks or dents. Not only do these imperfections detract from the visual appeal, but they could also signal underlying issues with the material’s durability. Conducting a thorough inspection at this initial stage can save you both time and resources in the long run, ensuring that your new living space meets the standards of both beauty and functionality.

Floor Traps, Pipes, and Sanitary Fittings: Where Things Flow

When it comes to taking possession of your new BTO or Condo, many homeowners focus solely on the aesthetics and forget the crucial elements that lie beneath the surface. As an interior designer, I cannot emphasize enough the importance of examining your floor traps, pipes, and sanitary fittings before settling in. Start by flushing some water into the floor traps to ensure there are no chokages that could lead to future drainage issues.

Fill up sinks and basins, then release the water to verify that the pipes don’t leak or choke, as any such issues could lead to costly repairs down the line. Don’t overlook the flush system of the water closet (W.C); flush it a few times and watch for any ponding of water around the surrounding areas, which might indicate an inefficient or broken system. Additionally, inspect the basin and W.C porcelain for any cracks or chips, as these can be not only an eyesore but also a breeding ground for bacteria.

Cabinetry: Your Inanimate Support System

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When it comes to settling into your new BTO or condo, attention to detail is paramount, particularly in aspects like cabinetry that may often be overlooked. From an interior designer’s perspective, the key areas to focus on are the edges, joints, and laminates—ensure there are no chips or imperfections that could indicate poor workmanship. The functionality of the drawers is another crucial point; the tracks should be installed correctly so that the drawers open and close smoothly.

Last but not least, inspect the application of silicon at all joints between the cabinets and the walls. This acts as a sealing agent and is vital for both aesthetic appeal and longevity. A thorough checklist for cabinetry ensures that you’re not just inheriting a space but making it truly your own, adding to the overall joy and satisfaction of stepping into your new home.


In wrapping up, the key collection process is far more than a ceremonial handover—it’s your first line of defense against future headaches and hidden costs. It’s all about ensuring that your new BTO or condo is precisely the sanctuary you’ve invested time, energy, and resources into owning. And because every little detail counts, Dwellaholic offers complimentary defect checks upon collection of keys for our clients who have just stepped into their new units. We’re committed to making your transition as seamless as possible, assisting you in turning that brand-new space into a true dream home. Cheers to new beginnings!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the importance of a professional home inspection when collecting keys for my new BTO or Condo?

Performing a professional home inspection is crucial in identifying any defects or issues that might not be visible to the untrained eye. While collecting keys is an exciting moment, ensuring that everything is in top condition will save you from potential hassles and additional costs later on.

What are some must-have tools for inspecting my new property?

Having a flashlight, measuring tape, and a checklist can be very handy. You might also want to consider bringing a spirit level to check if surfaces are flat and even.

How do I handle defects found after the key collection for my BTO or Condo?

Most developers offer a defect liability period, during which they will fix any identified defects for free. It’s essential to report these as soon as possible.

What are some common defects to look out for?

Common defects can range from cracks in the wall, uneven paint, and malfunctioning electrical outlets to more severe structural issues.

How long should I wait before renovating my new BTO or Condo?

While you may be eager to make your new place feel like home, it’s often recommended to wait a couple of weeks to a month for the house to “settle” before starting any renovation work. This period can also be used to identify any latent defects.

How can I make my new home more eco-friendly?

From installing energy-efficient lighting to opting for sustainable materials, there are many ways to make your new home eco-friendly.

Is it necessary to hire an interior designer for my new BTO or Condo?

While hiring an interior designer is not a necessity, it can be extremely helpful in maximizing the utility and aesthetics of your new home, especially if you have specific themes or layouts in mind.

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